Thursday, April 22, 2010


my sister sweetly informed me today that i need to blog because c&p is officially boring. when i told her i don't have anything to blog about right now, she said that usually didn't stop me and i'll use the direct quote from her: "remember the post about vitamin water?"

that was rude, z. that was rude.

so i will go ahead and blog today. i have a very important subject that poses a question that i would like feedback on:

the friday night lights situation.

i love friday night lights as much as my first born that has yet to be born. coach eric taylor and timothy riggins are two of the greatest characters to ever be portrayed and not only do i believe them to be real life people, but i also have this weird thought in the back of my head that i am meant to some day move to dillon and go to their football games and have bbq's with them on the weekends.

and of course i don't have direct tv, therefore have been forced to wait an entire year for this new season to start. sad, yes, but i've dealt with it and have been preparing for may 7th, where it will once again begin and i'll stay home to watch it real-time by myself on friday nights and then patiently/excruciatingly wait seven days until the next installment. it was the plan and i was sticking to it.

well leave it to teve to work his google magic and get himself the BOOTLEG VERSION OF THE ENTIRE SEASON FOUR. that's right. he has the whole stinking season on dvd... good quality with no commercials.

so here is the question: do i ignore this new acquisition and go ahead and watch it as previously arranged in my head? or do i bite the bullet and watch the whole season at one time, staying up extra late every night for who knows how long, like a crack addict that can't stop?

there are pros/cons for each argument, but i just can't make up my mind on the right decision for me. another factor is that i'm making the trek to sugarland next weekend and watching these forbidden dvds would be the perfect post-blakey bedtime activity. and also, griff and abby are probably the only two people i would publicly weep in front of... due to a tv show. so there's that.

what do you think? what would you do? be honest.

ps: z, hope you're happy with this post. you'd better at least comment.

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