Friday, May 27, 2011

happy friday...

from NYC!

hope everyone has a rockin good time planned for mem day. we are headed to boston tomorrow morn and i am pumped! and let the countdown begin for z's arrival next week! who needs a job when you have so many extracurriculars to keep you busy, am i right?

xo, sem

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

grace active

Lord Jesus, Great High Priest,
thou has opened a new and living way
by which a fallen creature can approach thee with acceptance.
help me to contemplate
the dignity of thy Person,
the perfectness of thy sacrifice,
the effectiveness of thy intercession.
o what blessedness accompanies devotion,
when under all the trials that weary me,
the cares that corrode me,
the fears that disturb me,
the infirmities that oppress me,
i can come to thee in my need
and feel peace beyond understanding!
the grace that restores is necessary to preserve,
lead, guard, supply, help me.
and here thy saints encourage my hope;
they were once poor and are now rich,
bound and are now free,
tried and now are victorious.
every new duty calls for more grace than
i now possess,
but not more than is found in thee,
the divine Treasury in whom all fullness dwells.
to thee i repair for grace upon grace,
until every void made by sin be replenished
and i am filled with all thy fullness.
may my desires be enlarged and my hopes
that i may honour thee by my entire
and the greatness of my expectation.
do thou be with me, and prepare me for all
the smiles of prosperity, the frowns of adversity,
the losses of substance, the death of friends,
the days of darkness, the changes of life,
and the last great change of all.
may i find thy grace sufficient
for all my needs.

read this little gem this morning and thought i'd pass along. do you have valley of vision? if not, you must. and i took that pic this am whilst "running"... the bf ran 13.1 miles in less than 2 hours this past weekend and i've decided i'm going to need to start bringing my a game. xo, sem

Monday, May 23, 2011

monday morning love fest

completely skeezing this off nat cat's blog. how does she find this stuff?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

up from the grave she arose...

well hello! greetings from the isle of manhattan! the 'ol blog has been on the back burner for the past couple of weeks as i have been focusing on things like... walking. eating pizza. going to see this at the met. eating dinner with my guy here and here. walking some more. purchasing metro cards. learning the city according to where the whole foods are located. and your run of the mill celeb stalking. spotted so far: him and her.

my first seven days were heavenly... sun and highs in the 70s. that was then followed by a week of rain that should hopefully be wrapping up soon. d bought me a little something i had been coveting since last season's gossip girl... he thinks they are dorky and refuses to walk directly beside me when i use it, but i love it and have found it to be extremely handy and efficient:
along the lines of nyc purchases, my first "must have" survival item i procured on day two (after walking in flippy floppies all day one) were these babies:

cliche! i know! and so ellen. but your feet need support here and they should be covered at all costs to prevent various city liquids from splashing up on them at any given point. so i bit the bullet and did it and have not regretted it once.

and one more thing to note. i'm trying really hard to not buy anything i don't absolutely need because 1) i am unemployed and 2) i have 0% place to put anything, but i am going to break down and get something this weekend. i've been going back and forth with it... not sure who i'm kidding and why i thought i should delay the inevitable. so first b&n i see, i'm headed in for this:

could you love her anymore right now? she is my life's inspiration and will now be fully incorporating meal times.

hate to blog and run, but that's how it goes these days. love to all... missin my atx peeps like a fat kid misses cake. huh? xoxo, sem

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

seasons of michael

can't believe this guy is permanently leaving my thursday nights. again with the CHANGES!!! what is happening?!?! and for all wondering, the last scene of this clip sums it up in more ways than one.

michael scott, you will be missed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

i'd like to thank the academy

AND sweet elizabeth dalton dains for giving me the "versitile blogger" award... aka "one of the best blogs on the internet" award! dalton's blog is precious and she's always posting the best recipes... how amahzing do these look?! THANK YOU for passing this honor onto me... what an absolute treat!

so once a blogger receives the award, they must...
- thank the person who awarded them (check)
- share seven facts about themselves (seems excessive but ok...)
- pass the award to seven new found blog friends (easy)
- let these friends know they have been awarded (too bad i have no idea how to get a hold of a courier pidgeon)

ok here goes... seven things about me...

one. i leave in six days for new york city to be in the same town as my muffin...

two. if i had to choose to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be mission tortilla strips & clint's hot sauce.

three. i believe my friend's kids to be half mine & i love them sooooo much.

tripp & kate / maddie pie & coop
blakey girl & charlie mack!

four. the celebrity i most identify with is khloe kardashian.

five. i sponsor a little boy in rwanda. his name is george & i had the blessing of my lifetime when i was able to go there & meet him last november.

(ps: if you've ever thought about sponsoring, stop thinking & do it! more info here.)

six. my mother, father, brother, sister-in-law & sister are my greatest gift.

seven. sometimes i think cougar town is funny.

that was fun. now onto the seven blogs i would like to bestow this award to...

LIFE IS GLAMOROUS & FABULOUS. tiffany is a darling friend of mine who always has great things to say about life, love, faith, family... you name it. i think she has close to 1.2 bazillion followers, so join the club if you haven't already.

KRISTEN & CO. kristen is tiffany's sister of all things! she always knows the "latest" on fashion, style, tv shows, you know, the important stuff. i always want to know if kristen thinks something is cool before i give it my final decision.

EMILY'S MAKEUP BAG. clod pod has single-handedly gotten us all out of our beauty ruts & has rescued my sad make-up application on more than one occasion. this girl is legit when it comes to product knowledge & i'm not quite sure what i'd do without her!

THE LITTLE KITCHEN THAT COULD. i believe this to be the one that started my love affair with blogs so many moons ago. my sister and i have made 99.9% of her recipes & have yet to be let down. they are instant favorites & she makes them easy to complete with her pictures & very detailed instructions. i will keep up with little kitchen's blog until they take me out feet first.

A JOY-FILLED JOURNEY. liz is hysterical. whether it be about her precious baby boy charlie or nyc or the latest reality show cast off, she will crack you up & then send you out into the world just a little bit more in the know.

COMING HOME TO SUN. you could say stephanie is a lady jack of all trades. the girl literally knows how to do everything and she shares it all on her blog which makes us all the better. she is working, going to school, being an incredibly doting wife, running around boston, and about a million other things, so steph, you're off the hook for the stipulations listed above but my list wouldn't be complete without mentioning your inspiring writing and perspective.

MILE MARKERS. well i'm clearly not going to alert kristin armstrong that i believe her blog to be one of the "most versatile" (can you imagine?!) but she's my all time favorite & i'm not going to neglect her because she's big time & i'm just a little bit less than that. thanks for marking my miles, kiki!

wow. this is the most effort i have ever put into a blog post. you all better still be reading. feel free to leave me comment after comment after comment!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

change it is a comin'

couple things:

1) my blog was just recognized as one of the best on the internet and given a highly prestigious award, so i hope that makes you feel cool for reading me before i was a big deal.

2) in honor of my move to nyc, i've changed the title because things are about to get interesting...

3) uploaded a new design, too, which is fun and the best part is YOU CAN COMMENT AGAIN.

happy sunday, water bugs! xo, sem


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