Sunday, May 1, 2011

change it is a comin'

couple things:

1) my blog was just recognized as one of the best on the internet and given a highly prestigious award, so i hope that makes you feel cool for reading me before i was a big deal.

2) in honor of my move to nyc, i've changed the title because things are about to get interesting...

3) uploaded a new design, too, which is fun and the best part is YOU CAN COMMENT AGAIN.

happy sunday, water bugs! xo, sem


Liz said...

THANK GOODNESS for finally being able to comment!!! WHOO HOO!

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

LOVE being able to comment and LOVE your new blog design and LOVE LOVE LOVE your HIGHLY prestigious award! :-)

Kristen said...

my little cankle is all grown up...

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