Monday, October 19, 2009

hurry up nov 1

don't love halloween. don't love to be scared. not too big of a dresser-upper. ghosts, fake blood, fangs, plastic masks... i just don't see the appeal. candy... now candy i love. so sitting on my porch passing out treats to little neighbor friends (one for you, more than one for me) is a perfect way to spend a late october evening. except no one ever goes door to door anymore because that's the world we live in, so all the kiddies go to their schools or churches and all that is left are the 16 year old boys that look at you like, "give me the good stuff or i'll rob you." it's irritating and i'd just assume skip over this weight watchers nightmare of a holiday.

i'm pretty sure i'm the biggest all hallow's eve grinch in all the land and am completely fine with it, except recently three things have started to warm my heart up to the idea of giving this year's festivities one more chance.

#1: the pumpkin princess...

#2: the smiley grim reaper skeletor...

#3: LCT has promised to dress up as...
while we're on the subject of freaks, let me share with you a little something i learned this weekend:

ghosts apparently exist in real life.

and all you have to do is tell "them" you're not interested and they won't bother you again.

i know this because a fabulous peach of a person did my hair this past weekend and as we were sitting around talking, the subject of her being woken up by ghosts several times in her life came up. as nuts as it was to hear, there is no reason she should be making this information up. she has crystal clear memories of each time, along with more other-worldly tid bits i won't even go into right now. then- THEN- my friends (whose house we were sitting in at that very moment and whose names i will not state, except to say one of them loves oprah and dancing alone in his room) launch into the fact that there is a ghost in THEIR house as well! and if that's not bad enough- the reason they know they have one is because every time they leave the house, "something" uses their facilities and doesn't flush and there is no explanation for what else it could be. seriously. as i'm typing this out, i feel like ashton kutcher is about to come out of my screen and stamp "punk'd" on my forehead- but these normal, rational people really believe ghostly spirits are behind these weird unexplainables. is this for real? do lots of people think ghosts exist and are among us? i have said "i'm not interested" to the air more times then i care to share over the past two days and i'm not going to stop anytime soon. no one wants to know what will happen if i wake up from a sound sleep, only to find a set of red haired twins taunting me or an overflowing toilet.

ugh. now i'm annoyed at halloween again. bye.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

wish you were here

did i ever tell you i spent a glorious week in colorado this summer? what? i didn't? how did i leave that out? i am so very lucky to have been able to go up there and play pretty often throughout the years and i'm hard pressed to think about anything more heavenly than breckenridge in the summer. a few must stops: soup from mi zuppa, bike rides through the mountains, honey on pizza crusts at eric's, jayme's, and even though i am not what you would call pro nature walks, i still find myself huffing and puffing up some sort of hike trail at some point every time. oh and the weather is always perfectly sunny and the cool, dry air provides the most fantastic of all hair days you can only achieve 9,600 feet in the air.

i was thinking about that trip this morning when jim spencer told me it was going to be 90 degrees here in austin today.

so then that got me looking through pictures and reminiscing and i found a snapshot of this adorable church we stumbled on when i turned on a random side street leaving town one afternoon...

i wish you could walk up and get a whiff of those purple flowers by the door for yourself. and see the carvings around the windows with the hand-painted detail. how precious is this little jewel, tucked into this quaint mountain town, i ask you? yep. pretty precious. i'm just sayin.... precious.

and i realize i am a very late participant to this whole polaroid program bandwagon, but it is still so fun! k & co was kind enough to pass the link along, and while i was researching and trying to figure out how to do it, i ran across a thursday internet sussy for you all...

ahhhhhh. there you go. now don't say i never gave you anything.

hope you and yours have a fun texas river rivalry weekend!!!! i know i will... i'm headed out to see miss blakey girl, do 100% girly things with her mom, and hear yum yum preach on sunday am. i will of course bring back a full report.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i & love & you

it all started when she picked me up in that blue explorer (as i was not old enough to even have a permit...) and we drove around all night, listening to "crossroads" with the windows down. close to fifteen years later not much has changed. except the explorer gave way to a 4-runner blaring some odd, alternative band (did our parents think we were nuts?), which then eventually turned into a land rover- windows still down- jamming to nelly's "ride wit me"... or then there was the tahoe constantly streaming justin. now there are different cars and different songs and we're busy, old ladies who don't have time to drive around aimlessly... which is sad. luckily she's still her and i'm still me and here we still are. so cheers to my freckly-faced, four-eyed friend who i love dearly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (& the ground)!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

testing, testing, 1-2-3

i'm so bored of our blog look i could just crawl up on my desk and take a big, fat nap.

so we're testing out some new layouts to see what we like.

do. not. freak. out. no one has hacked into anything. just need something new.

speaking of, anyone know of any great free websites that offer fun blog layouts?



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