Thursday, October 8, 2009

i & love & you

it all started when she picked me up in that blue explorer (as i was not old enough to even have a permit...) and we drove around all night, listening to "crossroads" with the windows down. close to fifteen years later not much has changed. except the explorer gave way to a 4-runner blaring some odd, alternative band (did our parents think we were nuts?), which then eventually turned into a land rover- windows still down- jamming to nelly's "ride wit me"... or then there was the tahoe constantly streaming justin. now there are different cars and different songs and we're busy, old ladies who don't have time to drive around aimlessly... which is sad. luckily she's still her and i'm still me and here we still are. so cheers to my freckly-faced, four-eyed friend who i love dearly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (& the ground)!!!!!!!!


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