Friday, August 28, 2009

Frozen Grapes: Zero Points

Tomorrow is the day. Move in day. To reiterate, Petikei and I have shared almost everything in our 14 year friendship, but never the four walls of a house... so this should be something else.

We have been emailing back and forth this week about who has what, or what we need to buy/update and I thought instead of me trying to explain what I'm getting myself into, I thought I would give you direct quotes from LCT herself.

Regarding the shelving that is in both of our closets:
It's that container store elfa stuff that is all removable and adjustable.... I was freaking out originally and now am not nearly as worried...

Regarding bathroom etiquette:
Also, do you want me to quit brushing my teeth in the shower/bath- I developed this habit several months ago and can easily quit, but thought maybe you did this too?!

Regarding bathroom decor:
If you're cool with my shower curtain, let's roll with it... or I was even thinking about getting a simple one and getting "Cankels and Petikei" monogrammed- thoughts?

Regarding Move In Day:
I left some frozen grapes in the freezer for us as chill bites for saturday- how many points are they?! I like to think of them as flavored water?!

I know many of you have missed hearing from LCT lately, so hopefully this will give you a little something to hold you tight before her next blog entry. And if you're in the area tomorrow, come by for some chill bites!!

Love you, L!! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

I is for Ikea...

... and I should have been more prepared.

More prepared for this monstrosity that is closer to Six Flags than a home decor store. Do people go there on a regular basis or is this a place to weave your aerodynamic cart around for a special trip for a 99 cent potato peeler once every 10 years?

I is also for I was completely confused. From the store maps, to the custom granite, to the weird meatballs, to the warehouse at the end... my mind is still overwhelmed 24 hours later.

There was of course a slight issiue that made the whole trip just that much more challenging. While walking thru the VERY FIRST ROOM (there are about 500), I tripped and broke my flip flop, making it unwearable. Thankfully the floors are really slick, so I just drug my shoe underneath my foot the whole time, not being able to pick up my foot or else I'd lose my shoe and the herd of super saver shoppers would completely flatten me. YES, this did wreck havok on my cankle, thanks for asking. And YES, wagging this extremity behind me the entire time did have a very club-foot feel to it, which is always awesome.

The best part was after we went thru the entire store, got our $1 ice cream cones (only 1 weight watcher point!) and were headed out into the parking lot, I realized I couldn't scoot my foot along the pavement like I could inside, so I just walked barefoot... until I realized the ground was a LITERAL 128 degrees. So that wouldn't work. But this did:

Action Shot:
thanks for the lift, jay-bird. never dull moment on a lea family outing.

also- huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge highlight to my life last night. my mom and i had a date night to go see none other than...
oh it was just SO GOOD!!! who needs NYC... we like it when the stars come to us. the woman who played elphaba deserves an oscar, tony, grammy, dundie- you name it- she is THAT good. what a TREAT to get to hang with my mom and escape to emerald city for a few hours. thanks lutie & roxie :) seeing that makes me wonder if i completely missed my life's calling and should be on stage somewhere. surely i've mentioned i played molly in the vive les arts production of annie for the killeen community theater when i was 7? i was hoping the wicked cast would come out to meet and greet after the performance so i could tell them alllllll about my stage history. and then they'd immediately percieve my natural talent and ask me to fill in as elphie's understudy and then she'd mention she's bored and wanted to quit anyway, so she's just going to give the part to me and off i would go into the broadway sunset. too bad that cast didn't come out.......

Friday, August 21, 2009


At any given point this summer, I've been between at least three houses. I'm pretty good at being organized about it and keeping up with where I am and where this/that is located... But I think it all just caught up with me.

I was in line at the post office this morning and reached for my wallet and when I pulled it out, something fell on the floor.


A pair of my underwear fell out of my purse and onto the post office floor in front of God and everyone. When did those even get in there? So after picking them up, cramming them back in my bag, and walking out acting like that was completely normal, I got in my car and had to see for myself what else could possibly be in this treasure trove of mine.

The contents of my purse are as follows:
lip gloss
elle magazine
1 liter fiji water bottle
the infamous unmentionable
a kitchen knife
nail polish
mail from last 2 wks
one flip flop
hair conditioner

It's not a carry on, it's a purse. How does all that even fit and how have I not had some sort of hernia for lugging this stuff around all day everyday? Not sure what the answers are, but for all those multi-taskers out there, this bag's for you:

Sorry to steal thunder from Fabulous Find Friday, T, but I had no idea how fabulous a find I had until right this very second. (Sidenote: I sell HOBO bags at a discount and that is exactly what the above bag is, but they have retired this style, can you believe it? So I unfortunately cannot order you one of these Mary Poppins catch-alls. But will you please take a look at this one? Love. Let me know if you ever want me to order you something from HOBO- they are the best!)

And have no fear, all of you out there who are worried about my nomadic lifestyle- I will be moving into my new HOME next Saturday!!! LCT and I are living together for the first time ever... Along with Uncle Rico, aka Jeffy. Oh the amount of eggs and laughter made under that rooftop will be too numerous to count!

Pics of our abode to come! Until then...

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