Friday, August 21, 2009


At any given point this summer, I've been between at least three houses. I'm pretty good at being organized about it and keeping up with where I am and where this/that is located... But I think it all just caught up with me.

I was in line at the post office this morning and reached for my wallet and when I pulled it out, something fell on the floor.


A pair of my underwear fell out of my purse and onto the post office floor in front of God and everyone. When did those even get in there? So after picking them up, cramming them back in my bag, and walking out acting like that was completely normal, I got in my car and had to see for myself what else could possibly be in this treasure trove of mine.

The contents of my purse are as follows:
lip gloss
elle magazine
1 liter fiji water bottle
the infamous unmentionable
a kitchen knife
nail polish
mail from last 2 wks
one flip flop
hair conditioner

It's not a carry on, it's a purse. How does all that even fit and how have I not had some sort of hernia for lugging this stuff around all day everyday? Not sure what the answers are, but for all those multi-taskers out there, this bag's for you:

Sorry to steal thunder from Fabulous Find Friday, T, but I had no idea how fabulous a find I had until right this very second. (Sidenote: I sell HOBO bags at a discount and that is exactly what the above bag is, but they have retired this style, can you believe it? So I unfortunately cannot order you one of these Mary Poppins catch-alls. But will you please take a look at this one? Love. Let me know if you ever want me to order you something from HOBO- they are the best!)

And have no fear, all of you out there who are worried about my nomadic lifestyle- I will be moving into my new HOME next Saturday!!! LCT and I are living together for the first time ever... Along with Uncle Rico, aka Jeffy. Oh the amount of eggs and laughter made under that rooftop will be too numerous to count!

Pics of our abode to come! Until then...


Tiffany said...

Dude, give us a link or pic of this fabulous bag...I'll probably need one...

Vicki said... mother, like daughter! I was thinking the same thing about a peek at the precious bag! Can we both have the same bag friend?!?
As for the thankful they are in there by accident. One day you might carry them as a necessity. I mean I have no idea about things like that, but I have a friend that does :)

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

you crack me up! miss you girls.

babs said...

First off, I think it's funny that you're new purse is called Maranda. It would be better if it was America Ferrera or Carmen. But I'll take Maranda.

Second, I too went through my purse the other day and was very confused to find two magnets, a bathing suit top, paint samples, a cork screw, chop sticks, and soy sauce.

Jay and Kristen said...

I don't think you understand how pumped I am to see you next week!!

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