Friday, August 28, 2009

Frozen Grapes: Zero Points

Tomorrow is the day. Move in day. To reiterate, Petikei and I have shared almost everything in our 14 year friendship, but never the four walls of a house... so this should be something else.

We have been emailing back and forth this week about who has what, or what we need to buy/update and I thought instead of me trying to explain what I'm getting myself into, I thought I would give you direct quotes from LCT herself.

Regarding the shelving that is in both of our closets:
It's that container store elfa stuff that is all removable and adjustable.... I was freaking out originally and now am not nearly as worried...

Regarding bathroom etiquette:
Also, do you want me to quit brushing my teeth in the shower/bath- I developed this habit several months ago and can easily quit, but thought maybe you did this too?!

Regarding bathroom decor:
If you're cool with my shower curtain, let's roll with it... or I was even thinking about getting a simple one and getting "Cankels and Petikei" monogrammed- thoughts?

Regarding Move In Day:
I left some frozen grapes in the freezer for us as chill bites for saturday- how many points are they?! I like to think of them as flavored water?!

I know many of you have missed hearing from LCT lately, so hopefully this will give you a little something to hold you tight before her next blog entry. And if you're in the area tomorrow, come by for some chill bites!!

Love you, L!! :)


Tiffany said...

"I like to think of them as flavored water" ~ love it!

I can't wait to come see your place. Please invite me soon. :) And I miss y'all but can't wait until I see you Wednesday.

PS...are y'all doing WW??

Vicki said...

I'm hoping you said no on that teeth brushing habit! If you come up short on anything for the house, put out a wish never know what you might pick up at Bible study :)
Please tell Lauren to come. I love the idea on the shower curtain...cute! We will be doing our walk training tomorrow, we might just pop in if all the heavy lifting is over. I'll bring Hershey Nuggets if we calories on moving day.

Kristen said...

Hysterical! Hope the move went well...tell Jeffy to strap on this camelback do the heavy lifting. Afterall, that is a perk of a male roommate. Can't wait to come and visit!

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