Friday, April 29, 2011


as i was sitting down to my 10am snack break, it dawned on me i have yet to mention my metamorphosis to the blogosphere. z and i started this tracy anderson "body perfection is possible" journey a little over a month ago and while i have cheated here and there (and everywhere) there are some tid bits of the program i have actually fallen in love with.

one being that i feel as though a little bit of gwyneth is with me anywhere i go. she is the one who told me about tracy, afterall, and i am indebted forever.

i also love the 30 minute muscular structure workout dvd that changes every ten days. we threw the 30 minute cardio dvd out the window after about four days, but the muscular structure one works your arms, abs and legs and i honestly think i'm seeing results. (even though my measurements have indeed stayed the same so far... which defies all logic.)

last but certainly not least, the "dynamic diet component" left a liiiiitle to be desired. nothing but pureed parsnips for seven days was not cutting it. so again, z and i modified and i think that's fine. a couple of things she introduced have been total lifelines and i will absolutely carry them with me from this day forward. for instance: la croix sparking water. the lime flavored version is my favorite, especially because it reminds me of when i was sick as a kid and i'd wake up in the middle of the night and reach for the sprite my mom left me and all the ice was melted, so it was really watered down with only minimal carbonation left... that's what this stuff tastes like. sounds strange, sounds odd, but it works for me. next are these amazing GLUTEN FREE thinkthin bars. someone please make sure i'm buried with one (chunky peanut butter flavored).

and that does it for the nutritional and dietary goodness blog post for today, folks. the moral of the story is gwyneth is always right. bu-byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....


z said...

testing. testing. 1 2 3.

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