Wednesday, April 13, 2011

that's just good tv

haven't dared turn on TLC since college. those shows are mind sucks and if i didn't go cold turkey and ban myself from the channel, i was going to fail out of school and turn into one of those 850lb people who never leave their tvs and have to have a crane come and take them out of their house.

but i think after a near 10-year hiatus, i'm ready to cave and put the learning channel back on my tivo. why? two words. extreme couponing.

this is the best video i could find and it's not that great at depicting the suspense and genius of the show as a whole... but my favorite so far is this lady (j'aime) who owed upwards of THIRTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS at the register,but after coupons, paid $103! what?!?!?!!?

and in other television-related news... guess what starts this fridaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy?? (as if you needed a reminder)

"one of TV's greatest achievements"... couldn't have said it better myself. oh and you know i hate to brag...

**texas forever**


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