Thursday, May 19, 2011

up from the grave she arose...

well hello! greetings from the isle of manhattan! the 'ol blog has been on the back burner for the past couple of weeks as i have been focusing on things like... walking. eating pizza. going to see this at the met. eating dinner with my guy here and here. walking some more. purchasing metro cards. learning the city according to where the whole foods are located. and your run of the mill celeb stalking. spotted so far: him and her.

my first seven days were heavenly... sun and highs in the 70s. that was then followed by a week of rain that should hopefully be wrapping up soon. d bought me a little something i had been coveting since last season's gossip girl... he thinks they are dorky and refuses to walk directly beside me when i use it, but i love it and have found it to be extremely handy and efficient:
along the lines of nyc purchases, my first "must have" survival item i procured on day two (after walking in flippy floppies all day one) were these babies:

cliche! i know! and so ellen. but your feet need support here and they should be covered at all costs to prevent various city liquids from splashing up on them at any given point. so i bit the bullet and did it and have not regretted it once.

and one more thing to note. i'm trying really hard to not buy anything i don't absolutely need because 1) i am unemployed and 2) i have 0% place to put anything, but i am going to break down and get something this weekend. i've been going back and forth with it... not sure who i'm kidding and why i thought i should delay the inevitable. so first b&n i see, i'm headed in for this:

could you love her anymore right now? she is my life's inspiration and will now be fully incorporating meal times.

hate to blog and run, but that's how it goes these days. love to all... missin my atx peeps like a fat kid misses cake. huh? xoxo, sem


Kristen said...

Such a great Friday glad you're loving it :) And thanks for the abc kitchen reco - looks amazing. Ok, off to email you know...


Donaldson Days... said...


Congratulations on the big move! I love keeping up with you through this blog world thing... Good luck on the job search! You look great! (well your shoes do in that picture ;))

Beth Myers said...

Finally . . .Been waiting for an update on your blog. Love you sweet girl!

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