Tuesday, May 3, 2011

seasons of michael

can't believe this guy is permanently leaving my thursday nights. again with the CHANGES!!! what is happening?!?! and for all wondering, the last scene of this clip sums it up in more ways than one.

michael scott, you will be missed.


ASHLEA said...

Thank the Lord your comments are back up and running! Goodness, gracious I've had several comments to make so here is a recap... first of all, can't get enough of think thins and the la croix water. Like, I already had both today. Thank you Myers sisters! Love the new look and just can't wait to see what you get into in NYC. Also, please keep the metamorphasis updates coming. Maybe you have lins do some before and after photos for your blog like Tracy has on Gwyneth's?? And yes, I'm sad to see Michael go as well... such great tv for the last couple of year. That's all for now. Happy Tuesday.

Liz said...

Ugh I love him so much.

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