Wednesday, June 6, 2012

on repeat

have you guys heard of audrey?  she sang a song with chris tomlin on his christmas album a few years ago and i've been obsessed with her ever since.  and now i simply cannot stop listening to "the way you move" off her record heart!  was just emailing abby this, and feel i can repeat it and have it not be weird, but it's just a jazzy love song to Jesus and you don't really come across one of those too often.  all of heart is amazing, btw.

allow me to also use this opportunity to plug SPOTIFY.  not only is it my place of employment, but it is also my absolute favorite thing ever.  any song - free.  you just sign up.  i haven't spent a dime on itunes in months and i gotta say, it feels good.  if i were going to be shipped to a deserted island and could only take one thing, i would take daniel, my computer and an internet connection so i could listen to spotify.  i could go on {and on and on and on} but i'll stop there.  just know if you WANT more pros on how amazing this product is, shoot me an email and i would be happy to expound.  i still love ranting about the evils of diet drinks, but right after that, it's my spotify rant that can reeeeeally get my passion juices flowing.

all my pride, you know it doesn't stand a chance against the way you move... you're tearing up roots and breaking down walls... i don't stand a chance at all... against the way you move.

xo, smg

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