Wednesday, August 1, 2012

humans of new york

when daniel and i were dating long distance, he would always mail me the latest new york mag before i got on a flight to come see him.  just so i would know what was going on.  {and usually there was also a bag of pretzel m&ms in the package, too.  just in case i needed a snack on the plane.  sweet little thoughtful muffin d.}  that's when i fell in love with this magazine and i plan on having a subscription until the end of time.

i peruse their website almost daily and find many gems like this from today.  isn't it just so cool? new york has slowly but surely weaseled its way into my heart and looking at all these photos makes a huge smile come over my face.  i try to explain this city to people and it's hard because there is no form of reference.  but this site helps to describe what words really can't.  these people...  all from the least expected places, creating lives in this one place, all crammed in here together, living, breathing, walking, commuting, eating, yelling, rollerblading... together.  i feel like i pass each one of his photos every single day - all of them - every day.  it's sensory overload for sure, but my days here are also so full of LIFE in every sense of the word, in a way i have never experienced or knew existed.  watch the video below for the background info.  and don't you worry that i'm making it my personal mission to show up on HONY in the very near future.


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