Wednesday, September 30, 2009


my brother is getting married in november and since wedding pictures last a lifetime, i decided to do weight watchers for a few weeks... just to get me back to neutral after a summer full of queso, gourmet river sandys, and cupcakes of any kind. so the whole point of the program is to... um... watch your weight by being mindful of what you put in your mouth at all times. judging by my actions at the grocery store yesterday, i'm pretty sure halloween is not going to be a stellar weight watching season for me. enter exhibit a:

i walked into h-e-b, immediately smelled the brach's marshmallow punkins from aisles away, made a bee-line to them, opened the bag right then and there, and proceeded to eat a countless amount while combing the place for my "healthful" snacks and meals for the week. i don't even know what to say to explain myself. other than i'm so glad i'm doing ww online and don't have to show up to one of those meetings where i'd have to confess to a roomful of people who know what the exact point value of a mess like this is. as my sister so eloquently pointed out while looking at the ingredients on the back of the brach's bag, "these are made out of... wax."

so i'm going to try to move onward and upward from this slip-up. but WHY do i live in this land of excess that pushes candy in my face from every angel all of the time, especially during this next stinking month?!?! what happened to the good old days of your only option for meals being cabbage soup and the occasional baked bread banquet (a la charlie's family pre-chocolate factory)?? a couple of days ago my grandpa told me that when he was growing up (very poor during the great depression), they couldn't afford cakes and cookies, but his mother would make them vinegar pie for special occasions. that is something i could get behind, simply because even though i have the sweetest sweet tooth this side of the mississippi, i would never under any circumstance stoop as low as to eat pie filled with a vinegar concoction. (sidenote: yesssssss, this is the grandpa who also saw a snake hiding in the tall grass beside my ankle when i was little and he swooped down, picked that poisonous six foot serpent up by its tail and swung it around his head several times, until he got it good and dizzy, then wacked it's head upside the tree next to us. saved my life. and i'll never forget it.)

all that to say, to make up for my non-existent self control, z and i made a very delicious and low pernt meal last night that i must pass on... this of course came off little kitchen's blog and what a treat it was. parm and herb encrusted chicken to make you sit up and slap your momma! oh, i guess i should also mention that if you buy three pounds of chicken breasts at central market this week, you get a free central market organic salad dressing AND bottle of bbq sauce. you also have to figure out what to do with three pounds of chicken breasts... so this is a great recipe to try out with the influx of chicks you may/may not have after falling for this in-store "coupon". (another sidenote: little kitchen is currently giving away a free crepe pan, so click over and take full advantage. we at c&p just love lk.)

well, so, cheers to brach's punkins, candy corn and the always elusive indian candy corn. you may have won out yesterday, but i know where you hide and will prevail............ oh, who am i kidding. i'll see you next week. aisle 5, left side, 2nd shelf down. miss you already.



blmjr said...

You're the meaning in my life, you're my inspiration... How many days do we have?

Liz said...

I tried to win the crepe pan but I couldn't get a comment to post. If you win, will you please make me crepes? :)

So good to see you tonight. I would love to hang out with you and LCT sometime soon. Maybe a week night in the next couple weeks??



Em Clod said...

well hey there fancy new blog...

The Kelsos said...

this post made me crave the punkins. I bought a bag last night and I've already eaten half. dang you, moonbeam.

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