Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the big 5-0

well guess what. jimbo is "fifty yeahs old!" today.
clearly there aren't words to describe my dad and who he is to me,
so instead, i've decided to post a couple of pictures i found the other day.

reading "frosty the snowman" to josh and i.

(p.s. there was a family discount if you bought multiple pairs of glasses
in the same size.)

happy birthday, dad! here's to fifty more...
i love you so much,


Tiffany said...

OHMYGOSH...in that first picture it is glaringly apparent that Josh is Jimmy's mini-me! I have never really noticed that before, but that is nuts!!

Cute pictures!!

Vicki said...

So crazy that I am JUST now getting to catch up on my blog reading. But I did finally finish A Little Bit Wicked - good! Miss you~ Love the pics of the 50th!

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