Thursday, June 17, 2010

a little inspiration?

may was not a fitness month for me to be proud of. for one thing... glee was on. we also had lots of late-day rain. then i had a bout with scarlet fever. then i had a house guest that wouldn't leave. then it was june and i decided to get back up on the horse and start running like a champ again... how else will i continue to have an A+ blood pressure reading?

so for the last two weeks, my running routine has been in full effect and for the first time in recent memory, a very strange feeling has come over me. instead of dreading the sweaty suffocation around my neighborhood, i've actually been looking forward to it. dare i say i even missed it during the weeks i took off? as i was trying to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, i realized that my excitement over running was in direct correlation to my mounting itunes charges. coincidence?

my final scientific conclusion: if i have a playlist to look forward to, it doesn't matter what i'm actually doing while i listen to it. SO. in an effort to pass along this new piece of glorious motivation to all of my millions of followers, here is a list of some of the songs that are currently getting me all hyped up... some are old, some new, some more for sprinting intervals, some for your cool down. (p.s. i do not do sprint intervals. why do i even write stuff like that?)

i also just came across this picture that i will be adding to my vision board as soon as i get myself one. let's all go run in central park soon, kay?

editor's note: i misspelled phoenix in the song list. daaaaaang it. it's too hard for me to fix now, so we are all just going to have to find away to get over it. also- add to list- skyline (court yard hounds). the entire album is so very good and now that i think about it, just go ahead and add the whole thing to your portable musical player.


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