Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sawah's summer so far (hipstamatic style)

hill country sunrises...

princess pops...

backyard hammock time...

hippos 'n ducks...

strawberry-rhubarb cobbler made just for me by my papa...

trying to capture life in photos is hard for me to remember to do! if only i had pictures of jennytorrey, petikei & i straddled on a jetski, watching the sun go down in the middle of the lake & jen pondering aloud how weird space must be... or of johnny noodlelegs... or of the face mp makes at the auto towel dispenser every time i see her & get to "ree-rah tee-tee potty"... or of my face when i got a call today from premiere research saying they do in fact want to take my wisdom teeth out for compensation. these are the times i wish i thought to grab my camera (slash phone slash hipstamatic app) & capture it to share with all my obsessive blog followers. all five of you. but, like i told my mom when she was insisting i post pictures on facebook of my dad wearing his father's day present... some memories are just for us. i love those kind. those that pop into your head out of no where when you're on the highway, or in the grocery store line, or drifting off to sleep at night. where you think of it and laugh out loud, alone, like a complete goober.

summer's already halfway over. whether it's DSLR, smart phone, disposable film, or mental... hope you're out there snapping some memories.

hbd, daddy yum yum

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

well that sounds delicious

this has been in my head all day. puck is hot.

now you've got me thinking about my favorite tv moment of the 2009-2010 season. to which there is only one choice.

with this being a close second...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

a little inspiration?

may was not a fitness month for me to be proud of. for one thing... glee was on. we also had lots of late-day rain. then i had a bout with scarlet fever. then i had a house guest that wouldn't leave. then it was june and i decided to get back up on the horse and start running like a champ again... how else will i continue to have an A+ blood pressure reading?

so for the last two weeks, my running routine has been in full effect and for the first time in recent memory, a very strange feeling has come over me. instead of dreading the sweaty suffocation around my neighborhood, i've actually been looking forward to it. dare i say i even missed it during the weeks i took off? as i was trying to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, i realized that my excitement over running was in direct correlation to my mounting itunes charges. coincidence?

my final scientific conclusion: if i have a playlist to look forward to, it doesn't matter what i'm actually doing while i listen to it. SO. in an effort to pass along this new piece of glorious motivation to all of my millions of followers, here is a list of some of the songs that are currently getting me all hyped up... some are old, some new, some more for sprinting intervals, some for your cool down. (p.s. i do not do sprint intervals. why do i even write stuff like that?)

i also just came across this picture that i will be adding to my vision board as soon as i get myself one. let's all go run in central park soon, kay?

editor's note: i misspelled phoenix in the song list. daaaaaang it. it's too hard for me to fix now, so we are all just going to have to find away to get over it. also- add to list- skyline (court yard hounds). the entire album is so very good and now that i think about it, just go ahead and add the whole thing to your portable musical player.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ode to jmm

the only person who will be more excited than my mother when i find my permanent roommate is my brother.

4:30 on an intensely hot austin, texas afternoon and what else would happen but that i would have a blow out in the middle of the highway? enter josh. i kept begging him to let me put my yoga mat down so he wouldn't have to lay on the sizzling asphalt, but he declined.

thanks, brother, for being my knight in shining armor when disaster strikes! thanks also to petikei for the initial pick up... what would i do without you two? probably still be on hold with roadside assistance.

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