Friday, March 4, 2011

save the nail color drama for your mama

i usually leave everything beauty related to 'ol makeup maven, but i must share a little something. sadly, i can't take the credit... it's all z. my sister has an uncanny ability to be able to pick the hottest, now nail colors without ever trying them on or researching or putting any effort into it at all. she just knows. it is truly a gift.

the other night i noticed a color on her nails that i couldn't get over. it was neutral, yet snazzy. pinky-purple, yet flesh-toned. i never thought in a million years it would work on me, but she told me to trust her, so i did. i picked up my own bottle and have not regretted that $8 purchase once.

ladies and gentlemen (or maybe just ladies?)... i would like to introduce you to demure vix.


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