Friday, October 21, 2011


i just learned that this post title means "friday follow" on twitter.  who came up with that?

couldn't go another second without letting you know about this.  don't ask me how/where i found it.  searching to the end of the internet is a specialty of mine.  i read through the whole thing this morning and am thinking about reading through it again this afternoon.

what is everyone doing this weekend?  i'm counting down to quitting time where i will leave my office and proceed to bus it to here:

where i will then stuff my face with this:

next to him:

blue tooth blue tooth blue tooth

happiest of weekends to you... fall it up!  xo, sem

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

get me to pay day

 here are some items i'm eyeballin' to spend my paycheck on this weekend...

this is the softest tee & they sell them at anthro every year & i'm freaking getting one.  to put under my puffer. 
lounge wear lounge wear lounge wear

i visit emerson made's website almost daily & this black turtleneck will be my first official purchase from their company.  why you ask?  well... i guess it's just because i'm a turtleneck kinda gal...

& won't this go nicely with it? 

&i think this gem will go perfectly with said turtleneck as well.  who is ready for fall in nyc?!

& finally, my roommate, who is a VARY established new york style icon, has recently introduced me to steven alan.  these flannels are to die for & his dresses & bascially everything is adorable aaaaaaaaand a million $$$.  so i'm going to his "outlet" on the UWS to see if i can get a bargain.  fun!


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