Wednesday, October 12, 2011

get me to pay day

 here are some items i'm eyeballin' to spend my paycheck on this weekend...

this is the softest tee & they sell them at anthro every year & i'm freaking getting one.  to put under my puffer. 
lounge wear lounge wear lounge wear

i visit emerson made's website almost daily & this black turtleneck will be my first official purchase from their company.  why you ask?  well... i guess it's just because i'm a turtleneck kinda gal...

& won't this go nicely with it? 

&i think this gem will go perfectly with said turtleneck as well.  who is ready for fall in nyc?!

& finally, my roommate, who is a VARY established new york style icon, has recently introduced me to steven alan.  these flannels are to die for & his dresses & bascially everything is adorable aaaaaaaaand a million $$$.  so i'm going to his "outlet" on the UWS to see if i can get a bargain.  fun!


Dawn Greer Hall said...

Love it, just got a turtle neck at JCrew to wear with same above skirt. Probably in black, to "hide" everything. :)

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