Tuesday, September 20, 2011

happy b-day, z-baby

at a loss for words is something i rarely if ever am.  but as i sit here thinking about it being my sister's birthday and me not being there in person to tell her she's OLD to her face... i all of a sudden don't know what to say.  all i can think about is how i accidentally turned her hair pink a few months ago in an at-home hair hi-lighting gone awry.

(still feel really badly about that one.)

or how i used to yank her around our house by her ponytail when we were little.  or how i would steal her clothes every day in high school but would never let her touch mine.  or about the one time she told the boy i had a crush on that i wrote about him in my diary and i pushed her into a hot tub fully clothed.

for some reason i'll never understand, somewhere along the way, lindsey jo forgave me for being a total monster to her.  can you believe that?  i can't.  she shouldn't have.  but that's just the kind of little lady she is.

being away from her today is no fun.  but i hope she knows her heart is still in mine and my prayer for her is that she would continue living for something bigger than herself... she is such an example to me and i miss her so much.
happy happy happy birthday, sugar booger!
know you are LOVED and all our lives are better because you're in them.


The Quantum Housewife said...

Oh, Sarah, this post gives me such hope for my own two girls, Emily and Katie. I hope they grow up to be close friends, too!

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