Thursday, February 2, 2012

you stir me

i'm trying really hard to work during the next 45 days until the wedding.  i really, really, really am.  just not at the moment...

confession: there have been some "heated" moments between my fiancé and i over the past few weeks.  i guess it's due to all the logistics and some uncertainties and planning... mostly i think it's a subconscious FREAK OUT over our two lives becoming one and just the reality of that.  we've had 30 years to become who we are and now we have to find a way to make that work with someone else and i'm learning that that takes work.  and sometimes that work creates conflict which sometimes translates into standoffs at the dinner table.  but i'm happy to say that after finding this video on some random wedding blog, i think i'm done being annoyed with daniel for life.

now stop what you're doing and go hug your hubby.

xo, sem


Tiffany said...

Your videos usually make me laugh hysterically, so imagine my surprise when I began wheeping...

So precious.

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