Tuesday, July 3, 2012

what we've been up to nyc style

i might be the last to board this boat, but do you all check in with the rockstar diaries?  i was introduced to this picture-perfect family today and have been mesmerized for some odd reason.  probably has something to do with the fact that they are all can't-be-for-real gorgeous and take pretty pictures and wear very chic clothes.  i looked back to the start of the blog (shameful / obsessive) and loooooved seeing what kind of date nights she and her husband went on when they lived in new york and how magical and dreamy it all looked.  which made me think - why don't i post about stuff d and i do in new york??!!  so here we go.

fun thing we did that i'd like to post about #1: on saturday we went with our friends sara and rusty to rockaway beach.  the water was 1 degree and there were so many people, you might think it was the last beach on earth.  we set up shop and roasted for a few hours and then headed to rockaway taco, which has a massive cult following and is the main reason we go to this beach, as opposed to one in jersey, long island, what have you.  the fish tacos are just a little slice of heaven on earth... worth the 30 minute wait in the blazing sun.

fun-ish thing we did that i'd like to post about #2: pizza-making & wine-tasting class at brick nyc.  daniel's team at work got him a groupon for he and i to go to this class for his birthday and we have been so excited to use it.  i wiiiiish i could tell you it was just like that cooking school scene in hitch... big warehouse right on the hudson with professional chefs showing us how to knead dough and pair wines with your favorite toppings.  think opposite.  think tiny table crammed with 8 people and the wet blanket running the show wouldn't even split an entire bottle of wine with the whole group.  when they meant wine tasting, they meant it.  and d's pizza didn't come out until everyone else was through eating theirs!  chalking it up to an experience and moving onnnnnnnn.

the last thing i'd like to share is that i got yelled at by a man on my subway train yesterday because i didn't watch him play the drums during our 3 minute commute together.  that's what you have got to love (?) about this place.  you leave work, minding your own business, just trying to get home and into air conditioning.  you innocently step onto a train in which a band of three men start to bongo on their own free will, and then you get accosted for being someone who "ignores performances" because shouldn't anyone want to give their right arm to be serenaded tribal style on a whim?!  

anyhooooo... i will be posting about our 4th of july shenanigans!  our 5-day vacay starts in about dos ahoras and this new york wifey is gettin real, real excited.


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