Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Holy Mole-y

I had another one of life’s character building experiences yesterday. This particular character builder was on vanity. Let me preface yesterday’s experience by saying I love the sun! Not just the glow it gives your skin, but the freckles/memories it leaves behind, the rising and setting, the colors it paints in the sky, the way is cascades on lakes and oceans, oh I could go on. I also need to say that I’ve been gifted with a highly obsessive disposition and when I don’t get enough Vitamin D, I feel blue and usually suffer with vanity issues.

So, 2009 rolls in and I begin making my list of New Year’s resolutions. On this year’s list:

#8. Dermatologist!!! Go!!! Overcome fear- you’re supposed to be an “adult”. You have that multi-colored mole on your right gi-normous nostril that appears to be incubating- GET IT CHECKED OUT!

Of course I was in no hurry to make my appointment because I didn’t really want to know what was going on in that wonderful beauty mark on my FACE. I mean could it really be skin cancer? I also didn’t want to be told no more sun- ever again! I didn’t want to face the reality that I might lose my God-given nose because the mole had taken over, etc. But, three different people made comments on it over the last several weeks and I assumed this was God telling me, “Time to call the Dermie- if not I’m going to keep sending people your way to spook you or really hurt you because you are not treating your body as I’ve instructed!” Done. Say no more- I made my appointment. I put my ‘beauty mark’ in God’s hands and began researching plastic surgeons.

Yesterday, 8:40 a.m. was my appointment. Great news- my dermatologist doesn’t think it’s skin cancer. To celebrate, she asked if I had any big social engagements coming up- I said, “No”. Next thing I knew she was sticking a needle right in the center of the mole , which stung and pinched like getting your ears pierced. She then removed the mole, stitched me up with 2 stitches, stuck a band-aid on my wound, gave me a sample of sunscreen as a party favor, and sent me on my way!

OMG! I’m one of those people with a band-aid on my face that I used to always giggle at…begin character building.

As I left the Dermie clinic, I began giving myself a pep talk as I drove into work in downtown Austin. Have I mentioned that I’m banker in one of the busiest lobbies and pretty much have constant interaction with people for 8 hours straight? I contemplated calling out sick, but then my conscious got the best of me. Let’s just say I channeled Grandma Mary and decided to keep my sense of humor intact. When I caught people staring, I would just say, “What?! Is something on my nose?” Then we would crack up laughing!

I wish I could always remember to keep my sense of humor when I struggle with vanity stuff. I mean for goodness sake, we all struggle with it from time to time- guys too…. And I’m pretty sure at the end of the day it’s the moles, polka dots on the feet, swollen ankles, gray hairs, chin hairs, heights, weights, relationship status’, wrinkles, etc. that keep me coming back to the Holy one in my life to get reminded that “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and beautiful in His eye!”.


babs said...

Chin hairs! And now wrinkles, weight gain, and cholesterol checks! Hell-o Thir-ty, How are you Today-ay?

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