Monday, February 23, 2009

sem's picca-whaaaa

1. i'm not sure what a piccadello is and don't want to ask lauren b/c i feel like maybe i should know...
2. there's no way i'm going to get 100 of these down...
3. i'm nervous about blogging, but feel a whole lot better about it now that our formatting issiues are resolved.
4. the day i was born, my name, weight, and height were posted on the burger king marquee in brownwood, texas.
5. i used to order and eat a quarter-pounder cheeseburger, waffle fries, dr. pepper, and a cookie at hardee's when i was in the fourth grade.
6. one of my first memories is when i would stand on my grandparent's bed, in front of their mirror, put my arms out to my sides and yell, "Presenting... Sarah... Elizabeth... Myers!!"
7. i played molly in the vive les arts community theater production of "annie" when i was about seven. i had to audition on a stage in front of a packed theater and i SWEAR i remember that after i sang and read lines, everyone clapped and gave me a standing ovation. my dad said that did not happen.
8. i have different toothpastes for morning and night.
9. the house i grew up in was across the street from where i went to church and school. and was blue.
10. i have been friends with both of my best friends since i was 14 years old.
11. i took baton twirling class when i was in elementary school. first kiss was whilst watching mrs. doubtfire.
13. i love any and all nut butters.
14. 14?! i feel like i have written over 1,000 things...
15. my favorite number is 42 because that was ryan dorsett's high school football number. if anyone reading this can remember that guy, you get a special prize and my admiration forever.
16. i also love the number eleventy billion.
17. my parents made me play volleyball when i was a junior in high school and the one time my coach (who is now one of the dearest people in my life) wanted to put me in, i begged her not to.
18. i have lived in texas my whole life.
19. since 16, i have never not had a job.
20. i spent 3/4 of my high school career grounded.
21. my favorite place in the world is port royal in port aransas, texas.
22. the #1 most incredible thing in my life that i absolutely do not deserve is the grace of my Savior.
23. #2 would be the four people that i'm blessed to call my family.
24. when i was a sophomore in high school, i got the "rachel" haircut and have wanted to be jennifer aniston ever since.
25. my friend g and i regularly write into oprah.
26. i wish my eyelashes were longer.
27. business marketing was my college major.
28. my first email address was
29. for one week, i worked in the middle of a south american jungle, sleeping under a thatched-roofed hut, in a hammock, covered in mosquito netting, on the banks of the amazon river.
30. downloading fonts is one of my all time favorite things to do.
31. for probably the first year of my life as a licensed driver, i didn't know you had to have a green arrow to turn left at a stop light.
32. i went to nyc for the first time in my life last christmas with one of my besties and probably think about that city at least once a day.
33. tetris is the best video game ever invented.
34. i've done a sprint triathlon and a half marathon. with not one athletic bone in my body, i'm not sure how either of these events took place.
35. the year after college was the toughest time of my life.
36. i love keeping up with people.
37. kids crack me up and i relate to nanny mcphee in more ways than one.
38. i love luby's waaaaay more than i would ever be able to explain over a blog.
39. give me a book and the lake, beach or pool and you've got yourslf a happy camper.
40. justin timberlake is the most talented musician of our generation and i will stand by that until the day i get put into the ground.
41. my weekdays are not complete without waking up to matt, meredith, and al. could do without ann.
42. i literally cannot deal with things that aren't fair.
43. nine hours of sleep is optimal.
44. about a year ago, a wellness doctor told me i was gluten intolerant. not great.
45. vampires are my downfall.

45. i mean that's QUITE A BIT OF INFORMATION, right?? let's just leave it at that. and, good news, it's time for the bachelor women tell all. peace.


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