Monday, March 1, 2010

annie are you ok?

many awards will be given out this sunday night. some deserved, some maybe not, but one thing is for sure... if i sat on the board of whatever movie makers of america society guild of all cinema, or whoever decides the oscars, my vote for every category would be the same:

have ya'll seen this?! i spent the weekend in dallas with jenny torrey, where she happens to have a movie room and i could think of no better movie to take full advantage of that huge screen and surround sound. for all wondering... yes- wacko jacko literally orbited around another planet full of jellybeans and tickle monsters. yes- his nose will freak you out the entire time. and no- we couldn't decide if he was creepier with or without his sunglasses on when he was out and about. but put all that aside and trust me... it was one of the most entertaining two hours of my life. honestly and truly. redbox it tonight!

and i couldn't not post this little nugget of tripp singing his new favorite song that is apparently played in the car on repeat. i taped it with jen's phone after we picked him up from school on friday. oh and when we got to his classroom, the teacher told us he had been telling everyone all day that his aunt say was coming to visit!! muffin! thanks for a fun (and slightly exhausting) weekend, jen... had so much fun with you and the kiddies!!!!


Liz said...

I Really, Really want to see This Is It! And now you've reminded and convinced me that it's time!!!

The Kelsos said...

I LOVED seeing you girls this weekend!!! Tripp is SUCH a cutie pie singing!! Love you!

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