Wednesday, March 3, 2010

big news

i just realized i never told my massive amounts of blog followers about my momentous occasion last week. for starters, i finally figured out twitter. still don't fully know how to use the "RTs" and "#s" and "@s" but i know how to follow fun, famous, sometimes influential people and i am addicted. i don't ever want to miss one, single tweet! so that means i lay awake for about 45 minutes every night going through all these 140-character updates, and i gotta tell ya... i'm sleepin like a baby afterwards.

but this is not my momentous occasion.

the day i decided to put my thinking cap on and dive into the world of tweets, i of course went straight on over to find and follow donald miller. you might have heard me talk about him. or maybe you've heard me detail out our wedding ceremony. either way, i looked at his twitter page and you are never going to believe me when i tell you: HE WAS IN AUSTIN AT THAT VERY MOMENT. yes. yes, friends, he was. so after frantic calls to babs and z, getting them to explain to me how to contact him to tell him he was in my city and that it was destiny that we meet, i finally got a "direct message" to him and told him how much i adored him and... get ready... he... tweeted me back :)

You have a new direct message:

donmilleris: Thanks so much!

that's what he said. directly back to me. no one else. isn't that just the BEST?!

what? did you think we would actually end up meeting each other and talking into the night about stories, and being who God created us to be, and when should i move to portland? no, i had a date to watch idol at the lea's and he, well, apparently he had to go to san antonio to meet max lucado for dinner. (at least that was what his next tweet said.)

so, baby steps. do not awaken love until it pleases, right? november: first sighting with what can only be described as intense eye contact held for 20 seconds at a book signing. march: first direct tweet. who knows what could be next during 2012!!!

all that leads me to say that yesterday my dear, close, personal friend don (i like to call him don) miller tweeted that he was listening to matt wertz's new cd for free on what good, little baylor girl doesn't love matt wertz?? (and COULD don and i have more similar musical tastes?!?!) i clicked on over and listened through mister wertz's new stuff for a little while, which made me re-fall in love with this sweet singer/songwriter all over again. took me right back to bagby and bear trails and dr.pepper hour! and then naturally i created a matt wertz station on pandora and have been jamming to it all day and one of my favorites of his has been playing and i thought i'd share it with you all because it is just so SPRINGY outside today and after a long, dreary winter straight from the pits below, this song makes me want to go peruse target for some new pool floats. so, enjoy. i would love to give you the link to listen to his new cd, but they have already taken it down. sorry, charlie. maybe you should join twitter. you would know a lot more than you do now.

p.s. is that little lucas boto in some of the polaroid pictures?!?!? what in the what??


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