Wednesday, June 22, 2011

server to the stars

you didn't think i'd hostess at just any 'ol place now did you? i have begun my nyc career in the service industry at a restaurant that has fed the likes of beyonce... sjp... and i'm sure others. yesterday was my second day of training and guess who came in for lunch?

none other than jonathan cheban of course! you know... jonathan cheban? of "the spin crowd" fame? better know as...

the k sister's pr rep, dolls! for once my kardashian/jenner trivia knowledge works to my advantage! none of my other co-workers knew who he was so i just played along and acted like oh yeah, i'e never seen that guy on a kim kardashian-produced tv show on e!, either. so naturally i needed to blog about it because keeping it inside has been torture.

and just so you know, if at any point i see lam lam... i will believe with all my heart that my number is up.

xo, sem


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