Monday, July 27, 2009

finally... some awareness!!!

i hope that through this blog you have been enlightened on several different subjects. but no subject more than what the
video below is about. i have been praying for media attention on this matter for years now and am VERY relieved to know
this SERIOUS HEALTH CONCERN is getting proper light shed on it. i speak for myself and those who suffer with me when i
and here is an actual wall street jounal article about it!

i mean, this is kind of funny, right? why didn't the producers do a google search for "cankle" and see this blog pop up?! or what if we did pop up and the nbc intern thought our site was dumb? this could be my strike #2 against nbc morning programming. (strike #1 being ann curry.) one more mis-step and i might have to switch it to saved by the bell re-runs on tbs... or worse... fox and friends. at least that would mean my grandpa and i would always have something to talk about.

soooo, anyhoo...

it just occured to me i have never shared my story of how i came to have:


i was a senior in college, working as a very serious sales girl at scribbles in waco, texas. scribbles, as i'm sure you can tell by the name, was a prestigious stationary company with demanding hours and a lot of responsibility. for instance, in the 2 days a week that i had to go in (for 4 hours), i had to make sure all the displays were dusted and the money added up correctly when we closed. luckily i had this lady to share the burden with me.

so one day, i got there a tad late, and i ran in and abby and i immediately started acting like we were working so our boss wouldn't glare at us, but we were really probably just going over the latest greek life scoop (awesome...) and all of a sudden, abby goes, "um, sarah? what's wrong with your ankle?"

i looked down and my left foot was twice the size as my right and was completely red and tingling!! we kept looking at it and blinking a lot, making sure we weren't just seeing things, and after careful consideration (and pressing our thumbs down on it, only to have the thumbprint STICK), we decided to call the baylor health clinic. i rushed in and surprisingly, they did not tell me it was mono (which was their diagnosis for anyone with any symptom whatsoever)... instead, they basically just said it was nothing and to get over myself.

thankfully, the redness subsided after a day or two, but the swelling did not. we also noticed a small red bump on the side of my ankle, which i then concluded must be a brown recluse spider bite. you see, the night before the revelation at scribbles, i had been traipsing around an open field looking for a rigor mortis corpse for my csi class and all of a sudden, it made sense that it was a bite and the venom would run its course through my bloodstream and my foot would be back to normal in no time.

that was six years ago.

i've been to umpteen different doctors and they all say, "yep. it's swollen alright." but that's it! so after reading the article above and watching the today show video... is my only hope getting cankle liposuction?!?! and the weird thing is that now my other ankle swells sometimes, too. especially after long days in heels. what is the problem here??? bad circulation? genetics? gluten sensitivity? has anyone had to deal with this and found a cure? oh i would just love you forever if you would pass on any helpful information.

so there you have it. you have now read the story of how sem got her cankle. that's five minutes of your life you'll never get back. but you are most welcome.


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