Friday, July 3, 2009

hey janis? great talk.

let's talk about blind dates for a second. as luck would have it, i've actually had to go on a couple of them in my life time... one several years ago at an irving, texas putt-putt course... one pretty recently... and i dread them. but the more i've mulled it over, the more i have concluded that maybe i can take the "blind" out of the equation and just go with: i dread dating new people in general. i think my point of view is best summed up in the words of our old friend baba ganoush...

i, much like the big guy above, get so worked up and feel there is such an immense pressure put on a person while he/she is getting to know "possible suiters" that it honestly gets to the point where it's not even worth it. if it was a business lunch or a random friend dinner or anything other than a date with a stranger/might-as-well-be stranger, where the sole purpose of the meet up is to see if there is an instant love connection... i am down for the count.

so i was talking through this with a friend of mine (who i may/may not pay bi-monthly to help sort myself out) and she informed me that while i might think these vulnerable situations are awkward, most people think it is normal. she, in a very kind and loving and patient way, let me know that just because i think something doesn't necessarily make it truth.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a breakthrough.

without a doubt, i have lived my life based on what goes on in my head. never having the realizations of, "maybe i should think this through more?" or "maybe i should stop that thought?" or "hey genuis, maybe there is a possibility i could be incorrect on this certain subject matter?" who. does. that. this way of thinking and living has clearly limited experiences, not to mention completely shut off some experiences before they even began.

so welcome to the new and improved sem 2.0! along with my it's new to me iphone i received today, i'm also installing a new perspective and way of life. no more closed-ness, only open and breezy, expecting the best and not trusting in my brainwaves alone. not controlling, yet still engaging. totally bril, right?

so in honor of this new found terrority AND america's birthday, here's to locking it up, sno cone stands and letting freedom ring!


Vicki said...

Love the post, you go girl! Picture is so that Jake's sister made the blog:)
I think the brother/sister act need a pool day soon.

Deanna said...

Um, what friend would set you up with someone that would take you to play putt putt??? I mean for reals;) Love you...great post!

JenandRob said...

you make me laugh. i love you and i guess i just had a breakthrough too...i always think what i think in my head is the truth...ask rob!

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