Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Proud Aunties

the stork has been good to my friends. they have the most precious babies and playing with them is one of my faaaaaaaavorites. and for the first time ever, we ALL got to hang out last week when jen, tripp, and kate AND abby and blake were in town. roxie, abby, maddie and i met them at the triangle for pizza at mandola's and then some sprinkler park time. even z and k-rog got to stop by to join the fun. a group shot didn't happen, but please allow me to, in no particular order, introduce you to auntie say and auntie la's tiny tots...

the trippster...
all boy. loves bugs, trucks, & his bff (rob).

sweet baby kate...
lil miss independant. nobody puts baby in a corner.

maddie pie...
the entertainer du jour. loves books, car alarms, & top notch.

blakey girl...
angel! fun fact: lct, sem & blake all use the same lotion.

are you all in love? they are precious, i told you. here are a few more pictures jen took while we were all together in babyland.

maddie & tripp l-o-v-e-d each other.
i think she secretly knows his affinity for camo & knows she doesn't have a choice in the
matter of marrying a hunter someday.

kate attacking/loving on b.
kate clearly knows the ways of the world & it's only right that she passes her wisdom
down to the only ladybug smaller than she is.

couldn't leave this out, now could i?
there's a pretty stong possibility i will end up kidnapping kate someday.

on cue, mp darted off so we could get a good shot of her in her new tennis skirt.
she's very camera shy. hope she grows out of it someday.....

these punkins honestly and truly light up our lives! who would've ever thought two years ago, on tripp's 1st birthday...

...that we would now have three more chickadees to get our kicks from. moreover, who would have EVER thought 15 years ago, while belting out hymns front and center in church choir together, or cheering on the panthers, or pranking any/everyone who would stand still in any/every public place possible... that life would be this great... and kid-friendly :)


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