Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shut. UP.

well i'm clearly baffled. after hunka-hunka-burnin-love ed wore that smokin' snow bunny outfit, complete with reflective aviators (melting my heart into a mushy mess), and jilly gave him the rose and he said it was perfect, i thought there was no doubt that i was in fact RIGHT about him being the last man standing. i already had my "i told you so" blog post all worked out in my head.


he left.

he chose his job over jilly. there is obviously only one silver lining to this mis-calculation on my part. and that is that my gaggle and i are going to chicago in october and we will find him. no need to worry about me getting nervous... when it comes to meeting past bachelors, i have absolutely no problems putting it all out there. and i find they appreciate my openness...

look at 'ol yeremy, of bachelorette deanna fame. could he be more thrilled at my jesture of giving him my final rose? (*note- i have just recently found out that lct had to write a $3 check for the rose in that picture. to reiterate, there are no limits on going after what we want when bachelor/bachelorette cast members are invovled.)

so all that's left to say is ed, wait for me. lct, babs and i do not kid around when it comes to finding reality stars in obscure places. needles in haystacks are no match for our ways.

the other last thing to say is that i am now putting all of my eggs in the reid basket. he's a cutie for sure... or according to roxie, he's "hot." couldn't have said it better myself. he reminds me of a compact chandler bing. cheers to your quirky glasses and witty comebacks... it's all you, reid!


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