Monday, June 1, 2009

It Was a Good Run

i don't do good-byes. never have, never will. i can't even watch graduations of fictional tv characters and not be deeply moved to actual, real life tears. who knows if it's the oldest child in me or what, but i strongly attach myself to things/people/places/traditions/lifestyles/products/food brands... you name it. and when they aren't there, or if they change for any reason, i find it hard to cope.

you can only imagine my depression over the hills finale last night. lc, you were maybe a tad bit know-it-all-ish, but that is why i loved you. thank you for your braids, your dark nails, your career motivation, the downloaded songs on rhapsody, for introducing me to lo, and most importantly, for putting brody jenner on my tv every monday night. speaking of lo, look at this hottie in ok! magazine. she's a dead ringer for jen aniston in this pic... in the words of my mother: you go, girlfriend.

so there's another sad ending that has happened in my life the past couple of days. i've moved. that's right... my home- in every sense of the word- for over the last FOUR years- is no longer located on West 31st Street. (although i will continue to get my mail there for the next three months, fyi.) actually thinking about not having those zany, freckly scott siblings within arm's reach everyday is not an option at the moment, as i don't have my waterproof mascara on, so instead i will just say this: 100 years from now, when i look back on the times in this house, i will giggle so uncontrollably that my live-in nurse will have to come and give me oxygen.

welcome to my picture montage of some of my favorite nooks and crannies of the compound...

this would be the den where countless hours of dvr'd bachelors, grey's, offices, 30 rocks, 90210 re-runs, gossip girls, OTH's, justin timberlake hbo specials, andy milonakis', monster fish of the congos, entourages, friends re-runs, satc's, etc have been viewed.

and here is what i will miss the most next weekend when i can't find a thing to wear. bab's closet.

the daily de-briefing spot. h would sit on the counter by the window, i would be on the counter by the sink, and the crazy cat lady would be on the counter above the sink (natch). many world problems have been solved on these countertops.

my entrance & reserved parking space. except when joshua yates-y got the crazy idea that he could fit, too. that only happened the one time before i brought the hammer.

my tiny bathroom... complete with...

my tiny tub. she's all yours now, m. take care of her.

"create a space that nurtures, inspires, comforts and supports you." -oprah

this would be lct's favorite stop on the tour she would give guests at dinner parties. according to her, this is the secret place where i kept all my "greek t-shirts"... to be clear, not ALL of them are of college origin.

"sawah? do you think the texas should be 30% bigger?"
m's latest craft project(s) in the garage.

view of m's house from the window by my bed. if i was really lucky,
i'd wake up to him walking back and forth to his truck singing "paper planes."

view of our aggie neighbor's house from my room.
am pretty sure i flashed these people more than once and the dad also caught harper staring at him through this window with binoculars. he looked at her and waved, definitely thinking it was me. she happily waved back.

and finally, these are the glittery, fake fishing lures morgan would strategically

place coming out of my shower drain from time to time. i will not miss this.

thanks, babs, for calling me on my cell phone and telling me you found the perfect place for us to live. thanks for never deleting my recorded oprahs. thanks for leaving me notes on the counter for me to wake up to and laugh at. thanks for letting me end sentences with prepositions. thanks for throwing my perfect birthday bash by making dinner for all of my favorites and then spazmatic-ing all night long. thanks for buying clothes with us both in mind. thanks for always staying up with me to eat a brownie and ice cream when we got back from dancing at tambaleo on friday nights. thanks for making 42 billion christmas and valentine's day sugar cookies every year, even though you don't eat them. thanks for previewing each week's snl's and telling me which skits are the ones to watch. thanks for getting me addicted to the twilight books. thanks for knowing all my moles. thanks for never turning down a gatti's delivery. thanks for letting me knock on your door and come in your room to vent/scream/cry/whine anytime i needed you and for always taking my side and making me see things with a broader/brighter perspective. i walked through that little yellow door as sarah and i am emerging as sawah. thank you. i love you.

Sawah, MO-gan, H

2005 - 2009


Ashlea said...

Ha! So happy you found me and even more happy that I found you! You know, I have been waiting for the "life after college" book (lins told me you were gonna write) for years now.... well the blog will suffice for now and i couldn't love your words about the hills more! i know our monday nights will be a little lonelier here in houston! im very sad i missed you and lizzie on my last trip to austin... in fact, TDOW might need to come back just to see you two! keep it comin with your great insights on life... i will be reading!

Jay and Kristen said...

Aww, SUCH a great post! I can't believe you don't live there anymore lady! miss you!

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