Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bienvenidos Summer

if you are to know anything about c & p, you must know of our absolute necessity for pool time. above is one of our faves... could you even ever dream of a more picturesque setting in which to fry and mole-up your skin, only to have them cut out of you at your next dermie full body check?

in honor of summer pool days, i am apparently going to write in blue.

so it's summer in austin, texas and it's hot. is it me or has it gotten way hot way quick? normally i thrive in the heat, but this year is different for some reason. i say this after two things have happened to me in the past week...

1) yesterday i was running at 7pm and i literally had to stop and sit down at the end because i started seeing blue spots in my peripheral. i could understand this happening between the hours of, let's say, noon and 4pm, but it was evening, people! i could also see this happening if i was running an, um, greater distance, but that was not the case either. also,
2) monday i was running and passed a group of men going in the opposite direction and one of them looked at me and simply stated, "you're on the wrong side of the street." to which i yelled back, "i need the shade, but thanks, RUNNING POLICE."

me-ow. did that really happen? i'm normally pretty good at keeping my rude-ish comments on the inside. the only thing to do is blame that error in judgement on the rising mercury, right??? (i'll assume you're all nodding in agreement.) is anyone else having trouble keeping their cool right now???

hmmm, what else. oh, also for your listening pleasure, we have added a PLAYLIST at the bottom of this page! i can't figure out how to get it to automatically start when you come to the blog, but for the meantime, just go down and press play and keep this page up while you browse the web, i-shop, g-chat, etc. we'll of course continue to add to the mix to keep it fresh and playful.

stay hydrated out there, blog friends!

peace, love & thyzeson,

p.s. to clarify, i am not a hardcore runner. those two instances above were the only two times i ran in the past 7-10 days. they were also the two heated low points of my last 7-10 days. that's an interesting observation. do we see a common thread here? k bye.


Tiffany said...

#1: You go girl with all of this running nonsense.

#2: I think the burning asphault got to those runner's heads....mind their own stinkin' business and run on! Who are they to deny you of your shade....

You go girl!

Em Clod said...

thank you SAY for keeping this blog alive...

LCT - let's see some action here

blmjr said...

Those rude runners got off easy -- no pepper spray. That's because you're a *lady*.

Stay in the shade!

babs said...

Again, due to your addiction to sun damage, this is what you will begin to hear in a few months when we are seen in public...

"Barbara! It's so good to see you, you look so young and vibrant...now who is this with you? Is this your mother?"

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