Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maddie's 1st Mani

got to watch mad pie last night while couple friendships were flourishing over at houston's. em, z, and i played tea set for a good hour... watched some baby einstien... made elephant impersonations til we were blue in the face... read bath books in the bath... and...

gave madyson her first manicure!

look how serious and still she is! as soon as she saw that bottle of pink nail polish, she would barely breathe as we applied it to her tiny tot nails... she was completely concentrating on the situation at hand and even got a kick out of helping us blow them dry. she is a priss pot, period paragraph. aaaaand i love it.

abby and jay, you are welcome for your little surprise this morning :) thanks for letting us come play!! i'm pretty sure fun was had by all...


Abby said...

She definitely had a ball with you three! :) And, I was trying to think of what the perfect touch would be for her school pictures tomorrow, and you guys thought of it for me! Thanks!!!

lct said...

haha! this is so funny!

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