Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hoots and Salutes!

Cankle, thank you from the bottom of my sole for pedaling our blog along while I went dark… I owe you a cookie cake.

Hoots and Salutes to my life lately:

Salute to Uncle Billy for making my 29th birthday one for the books… he made Cankle and I feel like royalty at an ACL taping for Relentless 7!

Hoot to Mr. Giggles getting me into Perez Hilton’s SXSW party (did I mention Kanye was there?!)… I honestly thought my number was up- I was that excited!

Salute to BDT for getting selected to go to Boston for a leadership development conference.

Hoot to Frost’s rodeo Fridays (during rodeo season Frost encourages all employees to dress in rodeo gear each Friday, so I dusted off my boots and sported my best plaid, ruffled, button-down with jeans)!

Hoot to Spring!!! Austin is beautiful right now- everything is blossoming, blooming, and bursting with color!

Hoot to my new emergency contact for my bike events: Makeup Maven! She was a trooper and supported me on my Rosedale Ride!

Salute to Scott MacIntyre on American Idol for ‘making the right song choice’ last week… and Kris Allen!

Hoot to Mr. Giggles getting a bike!

Hoot to Twitter and Facebook- I’ve joined both since I last posted:)

Salute to Griff and Abby for bringing sweet little Blake into the world- she’s beautiful!!!

Salute to Tripp Black for making a goal at his soccer game this weekend!

Hoot to Daddy Yum Yum!

Salute to the author of Hebrews (who ever that may be). I just finished studying that book and I must admit, it was very challenging, but in the end I realized I loved it.

Hoot to T-Rog and the Loj for introducing us to creamy jalapeño at Maudies!

Hoot to Opening Day!

Hoot to the Sara Bareilles at the Austin Rodeo! (and double Hoot to the Founder’s Club)!

Salute to Cherry Blossom lip gloss (see makeup maven’s blog)!

Salute to Philosophy’s “Grace” products (thanks J&E)… everyone needs something from this line- the messages are wonderfully inspiring.

Hoot to Brad Schuetze!

Hoot to Voinov and the toilet paper!


Em Clod said...

is it weird that this post makes me miss Tuesday Kappa mtgs?? :) love you LaLa

Tiffany said...

Imagine my surprise when I received a Hoot! I say we put something on the books to go for another round of creamy jap. Can I get a "ditto"?

j-pa said...

founders club! holler!

Haley Wright said...

My fav is the last one! So glad you saved the best for last!!

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