Wednesday, April 15, 2009

say whaaaaaa?

hi c & p reader. we have been delinquent on our postings and i hope you are still checking in once and awhile. please know we understand that when it comes to blogs, there are countless to choose from, and we thank you for your loyalty as we live our lives and wait for something blog worthy to occur. i have several things to cover, but first and foremost-

PIRATES ATTACKED AN AMERICAN SHIP AND TOOK THE CAPTAIN HOSTAGE?!?! say whhaaaaaaa??? if i know you like i think i do, i'm pretty sure that you have all been as outraged at this INCONCEIVABLE headline as i was. to think that pirates a) still exist and b) would have the GALL to attack an American ship is beyond me.

what i do not understand is why it took so long to act. in this day in age of garmins, noaa weather radios, night-vision goggles and hd dvr- how in the WORLD did it take several days to get this thing under control?

i majorly eyeroll my roommate, babs, anytime she watches some late night court case show and gets all up in arms over murder cases that have nothing to do with us... i kind of feel like i'm totally pulling a babs right now, but honestly, this travesty is a big deal and you want to know how i know?

because last sunday afternoon, before my entire family sat down to easter lunch, my grandpa came galloping in (moving faster than i have seen him in the last 15 years) and announced to the whole group that captain richard phillips had indeed been rescued without so much as a scratch or broken bone and is on his way back to the states. an honest to goodness, sincere, collective *WHEW* filled the room. so even though i'm sure you THINK you're above caring about the somali piracy scandel of '09, don't even try to deny the fact that you slept better sunday night, knowing those hooligans had been defeated.


babs said...

F-train's the best train. That's what I always like to say.

lct said...

Random fact about me you probably don't know: I did a one act play to this song in my 6th grade theater appreciation class... weird that I just remembered that as I watched this video?!?!

lct said...

or is it weird that I just watched this video?

Em Clod said...

hahahaha... this was my FAV song growing up. i heart LG

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