Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daddy Yum Yum

Dear Oprah,
I came on the site to look for Christmas presents for my wife (which you guys always help me with...thank you) and then I saw this and was oddly inspired...perhaps its fate.
I would want to invite five people who could teach me something- people who have been through life, people who understand how to do life, people who understand truly being human, and people who could teach me to be a better and more authentic me. This would include:
Anne Lamott- She has a better understanding of religion and parenting than anyone else. Her books are what led me into keeping my faith and going into ministry. Her books are what give me faith that in a few months, I can raise my daughter.
Jon Stewart- His humor is intelligent. He is able to use his skills as a comedian to make people think and maybe see things differently. His communication is brilliant.
Bono- Simply because he could choose to live like a rock star, but instead has chosen to be a saint. If we could all learn to be as selfless and giving as he is, the world would be a much better place.
Hillary Clinton- Hillary has broken the barriers for all women,including my future daughter. She will forever be a hero to America.
Ralph Lauren- He has the ability to continue being traditional and classic, yet always new. He has stayed true to his core and foundation,while being successful for decades.
I would want to talk to them about what keeps them human, the role God plays in their life, what makes them laugh, what makes them cry, who they read, the best things they did raising their children (and the worst), how to push my daughter to be all she can be, and the most important lesson they have learned in their experiences. As far as location and meal, I would not care. We can eat microwave pizza and drink boxed wine- it's the company that always makes the meal.

So this is an ACTUAL letter written to Mama O, in response to the question "What Five People Would You Invite to a Dinner Party?" And the author of that letter just became a Daddy two little days ago. I have been waiting and waiting for the perfect time to post this gem and the time is finally here!

I was planning this big Daddy Roast Post... where I would talk about how this guy, who loves Oprah, has a pet name for his yoga instructor and ears that can only be measured in centimeters because they are so small, has actually had a BABY. I had a ton of jokes lined up, outing him on so very many mind-boggling quirks he lives out every single day... it was going to be great. You were going to laugh, he was going to get annoyed (but secretly love it), and I was going to win Miss Comedic Blogger 2009.

All of that was shot to heck the second I walked into the hospital room and saw this:

Even now my eyes are flooded just looking at this picture! The moment Aunt Abby and I walked into the room and saw this beautiful girl in her Mom's arms for the first time takes one of the- hands down- top sweetest and most incredible moments in my life thus far. I had never been to an actual birth before and I am still blown away by the whole thing.

They have their own blog and you can get all the details from the happy parents themselves, but y'all, I have got to say- I have never experienced anything like this before... ever. The birth of a child is a miracle from God alone and I would dare anyone to say anything different. Thank you to my dear friends for letting me be apart of Blake's literal BIRTH. DAY. It is something I will never forget, and I am speechless when I try to put into words how much you mean to me and how honored I am that God has blessed us to be able to live life together for so many years... and sooooooo many more years to come. Auntie Sarah is even re-thinking her plan to mess with y'all by teaching Blake a fun cuss word at an early age. That precious baby girl is wrecking havok on my prank life!!

So later on, after Blake had been welcomed into the world, I heard of someone who had just come from a funeral. A funeral?! On Blake's birthday?! It got me thinking about other things that must have happened on March 31st, 2009... probably more than one funeral in the world, probably more than one person had lost their job, gotten a less than encouraging test result back, had a wreck, a speeding ticket, a bounced check... Chancing the risk of sounding very Elton John "Circle of Life," I've got to say, that is exactly what it is. And the whole idea of it gives me such hope and reverence for Who created all this in the first place.

Because even in the midst of bad days, uncertain futures, health issues, etc... Blake's here. And "Blake" can stand for many things... The point being- in the midst of all that we'd rather not be up against, there is also so much good. There is new life and new opportunities to be better springing up all around us... Even as I type this, the leaves on the tree outside my window are budding and growing and ushering in this season of renewal and new beginnings.

This tiny baby was and continues to be a lot of things to a lot of people, but her perfect entrance into the world was such a reminder to me of my perfect Maker. He's got it all under control. And when I'm doubting it all, He always comes through to show me there's more to His plan than I'll ever be able to comprehend or predict. And if I'm especially lucky, He'll let me hear stories like the one about Blake's Daddy being called "Yum Yum" by all the nail ladies at the place where Blake's Mom gets her mani/pedi's. They apparently think he's so good-looking that they only refer to him as "Yum Yum" when he pops his head in to say hi or to pick his wife up. That is a true story and you are more than welcome to pass it on. God is so good.


Em Clod said...

soo sweet Say!

Tiffany said...

Precious! What a little lovey Miss Blake is!!

Paige said...

I love reading this! Yes, GOD is GOOD and He is in control. Love you. Blake is precious!

Vicki said...

OMG! Just got introduced to your blog and all I can say is LOL! I KNEW your family was as funhouse as ours! :) xoxo,

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