Saturday, April 25, 2009

latest obsessions

i'm having a hard time putting into words how much i love amy poehler. it's hard to contain because she has been all over the place lately! a couple of weeks ago was her "best of" snl, "baby mama" has been playing on hbo non-stop, and "parks and recreation," while it is dragging a bit, still gives me such joy to know i can tune in each week and support this lady who i love. below is my favorite snl character she does. you might recognize it from the show, or your name might be rick and it will finally click to you why i yell your name really loud over and over and over again everytime i see you...

my next obsession, well, is pretty obvious... clearly if you know me at all you know justin timberlake and oprah are my guiding stars, but what i would like you to focus on is jt's GLASSES! aren't they adorable?! he is a style/dancing/sweet singing god amongst men... that's all there is to it. here's a tip to all of you guys, reading this blog, who have spent hours upon hours sitting in your room, wondering how to get my attention and make me fall in love with you... um, get some of these glasses and we'll talk.

this next picture also contains several obsessions in one as well. sweet blake chandler martin will be my obsession until the day they take me out feet first, as is her mother, who is one of my nearest and dearest, but again, you must look beyond the people and see the... wait for it... TOWN GOWNS! old navy town gowns are sweeping the nations, people. it is the most comfortable clothes item i own and at $15 a pop, they are recession-proof. i hope you can notice that we even put baby blakey girl in a tiny tim town gown for our big shopping excursion in sugarland last week :)

ok. that's all i have at the moment. good news- lct swore she had a post coming tonight, so be looking for that! (and yes, lauren, i put this in so that you feel pressure and will make SURE you post later...)
peace, love & the 3 W's... sem


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