Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I'm just sitting here, sipping my tea, listening to a little internet radio, enjoying this month's Austin Monthly magazine, when i come across a "Did You Know" article and read:

There are six endangered whales living in Lady Bird Lake. If you go to the
Mopac bridge between 4 and 6am you can see them.


As I immediately start googling this and trying to figure out who to call and how quickly I can post an outrage blog about how utterly ridiculous it is that this information has not been made public until now... Also at the same time freaking out that I have been at that stinking bridge at 6am and if I had ever seen/heard one of those things below, I would have literally screamed bloody murder, fainted, and probably have fallen over the railing and into their MOUTHS... I look down at the bottom of the page to this inconspicuous, litte '*'............... then it says something really hilarious like if you believed anything in that article, they want to feature you in some "Keep Austin Naive" mumbo-jumbo.

%$^#. I'm such an idiot. Who in the world gave these people permission to pull an April Fool's joke? I don't read this magazine to be pranked and would appreciate it if they would stop messing with my psyche.


babs said...

There have also been live chickens in my garage and a large pig in the back of MOgan's truck recently. And both of those things are true.

Touche Tiptoes,

Paxton & Pam Kelso said...

Moonbeam and LT!!!!!

I had NO idea yall had a blog!!!! And, I'm so glad I found you! I just spent an hour reading all of your posts while little G is taking a nap...and I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, but the blog is WAY worth a dirty house.

Oh, my favorite post so far is the picadillos from both of yall. I found myself laughing and remembering so many funny things from high school.


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