Monday, March 9, 2009

convenient trivia

tonight i stopped at the tigermart to get a diet dp on the way to my monday night girls group and ended up leaving with a little nugget of information that i will not soon forget.

after checking out the lady in front of me who purchased a large bag of cheetos, connie (woman behind counter) leaned in really closely, as if getting ready to kiss me or about to share the secret to the fountain of youth, and says... "hey. d'yoo know you can light a cheet-o on fiar and it won't ever go out? it's the truth. soldiers in iraq do it all the time."

you know what, connie? i did not know that. and i think i can safely say i'm a better person now that i do.

after researching this topic a little further, i'm sad to say i did not find anything that supports connie's theory. but i did find this:yay for rain in austin, texas! someone finally heard jim spencer's pleas. ok. i've enlighted you all on several subjects this evening and now i'm tired. sleep tight.


JenandRob said...

um excuse me? why did i not get an invited link to this site? i just so happened to find it on abby leas....? i guess i will forgive you....thanks for the laughs...jen

Kristen said...

I love how you so accurately portrayed the quality of her speech.

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