Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose

What a night of W's!!!! I must admit, sometimes being from and living in Austin, it's hard to root for any other team besides UT. Eeeeeeven when you're a Baylor grad. I must also admit I had no idea Baylor even had a good basketball team or such a cute muffin of a coach. But look at those Bears as they played their little pea-pickin' hearts out and beat Texas, winning THREE tourney games and now onto the Big 12 championship tonight!! (This would also be a good time to probably admit I don't really like basketball. And have no idea what I'm talking about. All I know is that during this time every year, I hear the word "bracket" entirely too often.) I found this picture that pretty much sums it up. Look at the Goliath Longhorn and that giddy huddle of Davids down below... Sic 'Em!!

So I'm torn because I want all of my excitement and pride to go towards the Bears, but there was another big win on the big screen last night... The Panthers won their first play-off game and move forward to regionals!!! That's right, the Dillon Panthers pulled off a nail-biting victory against Arnett-Mead to advance them onto the next "bracket"... This was an especially sweet win, due to the fact that Matty Saracen pulled it thru in the end with his newly discovered receiver talents. I would post a pic of the winning team celebrating on the field, but why do that when I can show you this instead...


So there you have it. Two reasons to be grateful you're alive today. I currently have on a green party cardi to show my BU support for the next showdown in a couple of hours... What about you? Pumped about Baylor or still basking in the glow of Coach Taylor's cunning move at the end of last night's game, cinching the final points they needed? Feel free to comment. And if you do not watch Friday Night Lights, I will now kindly ask you to log off this blog and do not come back again until you have rented all seasons and get caught up. C & P will then accept you back with open arms.


Jimmy said...

how would you like to go to the FNL's golf tournament dinner/concert on the 27th. You get to hob nob with all the cast. I think you, Linds and your mom would have a rootin tootin time.

Kristen said...

A friend of mine wanted to know if there was one of those videos about Coach Taylor...just let me know and I'll tell her.

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